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Naimar Logistics, your partner in transportation

Transportation is one of the most critical services in any company’s logistics. With our own fleet of trucks, Naimar Logistics offers an efficient, fast, and reliable transportation service. We understand the importance of punctuality in delivery, and our team has extensive experience in freight transportation, knowing the most efficient routes to ensure the fastest delivery possible.

All Naimar vehicles are equipped with the necessary technology to guarantee optimal logistics management. Safety is also a top priority in our transportation service, and all our vehicles comply with all safety measures and regulations.

Experts in palletized freight transportation

Palletized transportation is one of the most practical and secure ways to move goods. Products stored on pallets are protected from falls or impacts and are easier to handle and categorize.

At Naimar Logistics, we specialize in palletized freight transportation. If your company deals with palletized loads, Naimar will become your trusted ally. We have a robust network, our own fleet of trucks, and a flexible service that adapts to the needs of each customer.

National transportation

We have an extensive daily freight transportation network to any point on the peninsula. With facilities in key areas across the country, our trucks provide transportation services from 1 pallet to full loads throughout Spain. Moreover, we handle shipments to both the Balearic Islands and the Canary Islands.

International transportation

At Naimar Logistics, we offer ground transportation services throughout Europe, including both full loads and groupage lines. For Portugal, we have daily routes to our neighboring country. Additionally, we provide international maritime and air transportation services.

Our transportation service is a key element of our company. We have a modern and technologically advanced vehicle fleet, a team of highly qualified and experienced professionals, and a rigorous safety policy that ensures the reliability and efficiency of the service. If you need to transport goods, don’t hesitate to trust us. We’re at your service!

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