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What is Naimar?

We are a specialized and trusted logistics center.

We are committed to grow and improve based on new technologies and a clear business plan.

We have more than 15 years of experience as a logistics operator in the finished product sector.

Philosophy based on values of respect, productivity and efficiency.

Why choose us?

Our warehouse

We have a warehouse at your service of more than 26 thousand m² with facilities for handling goods and and storage.

Health registration

We have sanitary registration in our warehouses.


Our last generation radio frequency and ERP SGA network allows us to control the traceability of the product with the best technology.


We work with the Edicom platform.


We offer you direct line with the warehouse.


Stock control online.
Trust us

Your goods timely and carefully.

At Naimar we offer you the best transport service. Carefully and timely deliveries.

At Naimar we also regularly manage air and sea transport.

Contact us to find out about all our possibilities.

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