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We provide an integral management in transport

Integral logistics management

Our facilities are equipped with the latest technologies in the logistics sector. In this way we offer a personalised service to each costumer. We are the perfect logistics partner, able to optimise logistics processes to the maximum.
  • Warehousing and handling of goods
  • Stock control online
  • Picking and distribution. We prepare your order for delivery according to your needs
  • We are committed to offer you the best service and cover all your needs.
  • Loading and unloading trailers
  • health-registered warehouse
  • Edicom system

Radio-frequency network

Our radio-frequency network allows exhaustive control of the traceability and status of each customer’s products.

Our customers are always informed about the status and location of their goods.

We are committed to always offering the best personalised service to our customers. For this reason, our logistics warehouse is equipped with value-added services to optimise all processes.

Value-added logistics services

Our team specialised in logistics processes will help you to find the most suitable solutions for your company’s needs, even the most complex ones.


We check all your goods and repack the products that are in perfect condition.

E-commerce logistics

We store and prepare your products and we send the godos anywhere.


We label each item in order to speed up the logistical process from its arrival at the warehouse to its departure.

Reverse logistics

Naimar’s team specialises in this type of logistics. We will manage the entire process, making it easier for the costumer to work with us.
On the one hand, we can help you with the transport of the goods from the warehouse of the point of sale to our logistics centre. After this, we reclassify the returned products. When we receive the products, we check its status, we develop quality control and we make a new classification in the inventory.

Tax warehouse

Our Naimar Barcelona warehouse is registered in the CAE as a Fiscal Warehouse for Alcoholic Beverages.
Customers in the alcoholic beverages sector can store their goods at our premises without paying the duty. These payments will only be made once the goods have left for distribution.
Trust us

Your goods timely and carefully.

At Naimar we offer you the best transport service. Carefully and timely deliveries.

At Naimar we also regularly manage air and sea transport.

Contact us to find out about all our possibilities.

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