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Information exchange facilitating the logistical process.

Systems Integration

At Naimar Logística we are very clear about the importance of optimal communication with the customer. In order to make the exchange of information as transparent as possible and to minimise human error, integration is the best way to work.

At Naimar we integrate with the client’s computer system so that all processes are automated and the risk of the human factor is minimised.

We have various customer integrations, so we have a wide variety of ways to connect.We facilitate the entire logistical process.

Process Optimisation

Thanks to the integrations we do, we optimise the processes of incoming, outgoing, dispatch and loading of the customer’s article master. We achieve efficient and optimal work.

Trust us

Your goods timely and carefully.

At Naimar we offer you the best transport service. Carefully and timely deliveries.

At Naimar we also regularly manage air and sea transport.

Contact us to find out about all our possibilities.

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