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Christmas, a key time for reverse logistics

What is reverse logistics?

Reverse logistics is the term used for the industrial process that manages the returns stage. While product delivery may seem like the final step in the supply chain, logistics companies like Naimar also handle the returns process. This process involves planning and controlling the return of products, whether it’s to return them to manufacturers or distributors, recycle them, or dispose of them.

With the arrival of Christmas, both the volume of purchases and returns increase due to the number of gifts we receive that we may not like, are duplicates, or that we simply prefer to exchange for another product. This is where companies need a logistics partner for the returns process.

How can we help you at Naimar?

Reverse logistics requires specific management, as it involves performing the entire direct logistics process but starting from the end. This can be a complex process, and the Naimar team specializes in this type of logistics, making it easier for clients.

On one hand, we can assist you in transporting the merchandise from the point of sale’s warehouse to our logistics center. In reverse logistics, transportation is more challenging because, unlike traditional logistics, there’s no estimation of the quantity of products. This figure will only be known after the returns period.

In addition to transportation, Naimar’s strength in reverse logistics lies in the reclassification of returned products. Having a specific warehouse area for returned products greatly facilitates this stage of the supply chain. Once we receive the products, we verify their condition, conduct a quality control check, and reclassify them in the inventory.

At Naimar, we always follow the guidelines provided by the client. Whether the product is to be reused and needs to be repackaged, classified as defective, or any other specific request from the company, we adhere to those instructions. We classify all merchandise based on these guidelines, making us the perfect ally for this holiday season.

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